Videos come in many flavors, and the one that is best for your situation may not fin neatly into a specific category. I prefer to show you what's possible, and then we can determine what's best for you. Your project will be unique, and may combine elements from several of the examples listed below.

If you wish to make a timely announcement, answer a common question, or run a quick promotion, a great way to do this is through a short, simple video. This allows you to engage and reach your audience more effectively than by just posting a boring block of text. Here's an example:

You may still wish to promote a specific aspect of your business in a clear, concise format, but you would also like a perennial asset to help market and promote your business for years to come. We can produce a polished video that's still short and to the point, but incorporates additional b-roll and other elements.

Do you have a patient audience or a complicated topic? If you have a lot to cover, a longer video format may be appropriate. Here's what you can do in 2-4 minutes:

Do you have an idea or a script, but no time to schedule a videoshoot? We can combine existing assets, stock footage (we can also record 'stock footage' of your business to use later) and a script read by one of our talented local voiceover artists to quickly produce a compelling video with minimal time invested on your part. Here's an example:

Of course, this is only a small sampling of what is possible. Entire events, presentations, and performances can be recorded and produced. A music video can showcase your talents and jumpstart your career. You may have an idea for a video format that no one has even thought of before! In any case, we're here to help. Send us a message or give us a call at (517) 759-7047 to explore the possibilities!