Working With Us


Whether you’re a marketing agency or an individual business, our goal is to give you the best value for your investment. When you work with us, you’ll find that we develop workflows and processes for each situation to ensure that our collaboration is optimized at every step of the way.

Individual Businesses


Video can be intimidating – what content should I promote, and on which platforms? Who will be on camera? How long should my videos be? We get it – at first glance, the world of video marketing can be intimidating. That’s why we’re here to help you every step of the way.

We begin our client relationships with a strategy session, where we determine what your goals are, and what is needed to make your video marketing plan a success. From there, we start to build resources – setting up accounts and channels, planning shooting and content release dates, and giving your staff the training and tools needed to get up to speed with video. Depending on your needs, we can continue to cover all aspects of your video workflow, from strategy to shooting, editing, and delivery, or we can provide ongoing training and resources to help you set up your own in-house video production team.

We know that your time is your most valuable resource, so when we shoot, we gather material for months in advance… not just the current project. This illustrates how starting the process correctly with strategy sessions really saves you money and sets you up for success – once you know where you are going, we can help you get there quicker.

Once we have gathered video assets with future projects in mind, our systems of categorization, storage, and retrieval make it possible for us to efficiently generate video content into the future without requiring a new shoot for every project – saving you time and money.

Marketing Agencies


We know that maintaining your client relationships is important, and you need to work with vendors that you trust. We’re professional, polite, and show up on time. In addition to this, we happen to shoot great videos and pictures…

We like partnerships that are efficient, so we adapt our workflows to mesh with the tried and true processes that you have fine-tuned for your clients. Do you storyboard your videos, or prefer to let things flow naturally? How are files managed? What platform do you use to communicate? Our goal is to integrate with your agency like an upgrade to a well-oiled machine.

Long-term collaboration is our goal, so we always shoot with future content in mind. We can cover multiple videos with one shoot, even if we don’t plan to use the content right away. This allows us to support your marketing strategy for your clients while giving you the best value.